Welcome to the K5EOK
Edmond Amateur Radio Society
(EARS) Website!

Formed in 1957, the Edmond Amateur Radio Society is a full-service amateur radio club. We assist our community with emergency and weather nets, as well as parade staging and communication. We conduct licensing classes and technical workshops, and actively participate in HF operations such as Field Day and special events. We run weekly nets on VHF/UHF and HF and have numerous social events throughout the year. For more information, please check out our About Us tab.
Our board meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the second Tuesday of each month at the Edmond Community Center, 28 E. Main St., Edmond, OK 73034. See Map

We encourage you to come participate in our monthly meetings, which are open to all, including non-members.
You can contact us by email: k5eok@k5eok.org

HF Report

Read the latest HF Report posted every Monday afternoon by Dick Rouse, KE5TGZ.

Monday Night Information Net

Check in on 147.135+ and 443.425+ at 8 pm for the latest information.antenna1 small

Out of town on business or vacation? Have access to the internet? Good news, you can listen to the Monday Night Information net at 8 pm on
K5EOK 147.1350 MHz Edmond ARS repeater - live audio feed around the clock.

Route 66 10-10 HF NET
The Route 66 10-10 HF Net is an informal net conducted each Monday evening on 28.390 USB, immediately following the 2 meter Information net
at approximately 8:30 PM. Get your kicks on 10 meters.

EARS News and Updates

Ham Radio Assistance Hotline

If you are a new ham, or perhaps a not-so-new ham who needs assistance with setting up equipment/antennas, or who has operational questions, contact the club at hamradioassistance@k5eok.org and we will do whatever we can to assist.

2016 Fall Tech Class registration open!

Bulletin Board Tear-Off 2016

Field Day and Ham Holiday are over so now it’s time to prepare for our Entry Level Technician Class which begins September 13! The book pick-up will be September 6.
Our club needs your help to inform the public of our Fall Technician Beginners course! We are now offering this class twice a year to really focus on helping people get started in the hobby. If you live in a neighborhood with a Facebook page or other bulletin board please help by posting our class information. If you can take a pamphlet to work, church, or a restaurant bulletin board or your next group meeting it would be helpful. If you have children or young adults in school, ask them to give our class brochure to their math and science teachers, Vo-Tech teachers, or college instructors! Have them ask for extra credit by passing the exam.

I’m asking for your help to connect the next budding ham with our class. I’m asking for your help to get more Oklahomans familiar with and licensed as Amateur Radio Operators. I’m asking for your help in the remote chance the first person on Mars is a Licensed Amateur Radio operator from Oklahoma! And before we go to Mars there will be several manned test missions back to the moon – and hopefully one of those astronauts is an Oklahoma Ham! How fun would it be if that happened!

I believe there are many interested in the hobby but they do not know where to get started, too shy to ask, and most likely don’t know what to search for! If you enjoy the hobby, then please take a few minutes to share our class brochure in places where young ladies and young men can find it.

The enrollment form and syllabus for our class is at WWW.K5EOK.ORG on the “Classes” tab as well as our facebook site.

If you need anything from me to promote this class please send me an e-mail at CQN5ZY@gmail.com or text or call me at 405-401-0106. If you need me to create a different brocure for a different audience, please let me know. Also – if you have experience with graphic art or marketing I could really use some help!


The Elmer Class September 15, 2016

The Elmer Class will be conducted at the club station, room 219 in the Edmond Community Center.
AE5GS, Gary Stillman will demonstrate how to solder properly.

Stand by for an update regarding the elmer class.

K5EOK 2016 Field Day Event Recap

I would like to thank everyone for coming out to the 2016 Field Day. It went very well, we will have some numbers in the coming weeks to see how we did on the air. Also I would like to invite everyone who participated on Field Day to show up on July 12 before the board meeting at 7:00pm to discuss the event and making 2017 Field Day even better next year.

73, Brian AE5MT

The Allen and Bertha Watson Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to KF5GTB, Sarah Olson of Eufaula, Oklahoma, who received a $500 scholarship from the Allen and Bertha Watson Memorial Scholarship for 2015. KF5GTB, Sarah sent a letter of thanks to the EARS club earlier in June 2016.

The Allen and Bertha Watson Memorial Scholarship is managed by ARRL. One college student who meets the requirements set by the EARS club, will be selected each year. Donations for the scholarship are welcome. Suggested amount is $5 when renewing your EARS membership.

From QRZ.COM: Amateur Radio Superstation - K3LR

The Next 30 Days

For a complete list of our board meetings and events, please check our calendar.

October 1, 2016 - Edmond Siren Test
Noon in the City of Edmond
If you would like to volunteer for the siren test, contact Corey, KD5FLX at sirens@k5eok.org.
Please join us for lunch at Johnnie's on 33rd after the test.

October 1, 2016 - V.E. Test Session
9:30 am at Edmond Downtown Community Center, 28 E. Main St., Room 219

The V.E. test session will be held at the Downtown Community Center located at Main & Littler in Edmond.
Testing starts in Room 219 at 9:30 A.M. No walk-ins, RSVP FOR TESTING PLEASE!. Contact Larry by email: W5MPA at ARRL dot Net

Exam Fee: $15.00
Bring a copy of your current license to give to the V.E.s
Bring a photo ID & a copy of it
Bring any CSCE's showing credit for any tests taken recently
October 11, 2016 - Board Meeting
7:00 PM at the Edmond Downtown Community Center, 28 E. Main St.
The EARS Board of Directors monthly meeting will be held in the Edmond Community Center. Go in the north doors and check the events glass display for the room number.
All are invited, including non-members.